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loft conversion loughtonIf you are thinking of moving to Loughton, Essex or already own a property there but you are running out of room, give some serious consideration to a Loughton Loft Conversion. A loft conversion in Loughton can add value to your home, and at the same time increase a home’s value by as much as 30 per cent. What does this mean to you? It means that you are creating a greater investment in your property, while at the same time increasing the amount of space in that home. We all love more space, and you are making more of it.

The problem is that a loft conversion can be costly, and time-consuming. You live a busy life, and it can be hard to find the time to do the conversion yourself. This is where a professional Loughton loft conversion company comes in. Not only are you getting a group of professionals who know how to accomplish loft conversions in Loughton, but you are also getting professionals who can help you plan everything out beforehand. It is common to think of a loft conversion as nothing more than adding another room to an existing home. This is not the case. When done right through proper planning and design, a Loughton loft conversion can turn a loft into the best place to be in the entire house.

With loft conversion professionals, the process of having a loft conversion in Loughton can be trouble-free, and you can relax knowing that professionals are getting the job done right.

Loft extensions present endless possibilities to you. You can choose to have your loft any way that you like. You can turn it into the room where your children will grow up, or the room where you will build a business, or write that great novel. You will have a space that is meant for you and the needs you have for that space.

A loft conversion can make your home a better place to live, a happier place, and a more profitable place to sell down the road.

A typical loft conversion Loughton job is going to take between one to two months. This is so that the job can be done right, and you can begin enjoying the space as soon as it is completed. It is not just another room, it can be a new place for a new lifestyle.

There are a lot of companies in the Loughton area who are offering you loft conversion services, but don’t just go with anyone. Go with a loft conversion Loughton company with professionalism and years of experience behind them. You want a job well-done, not a job done quickly that will cause you problems down the road. You want things done right the first time, so you can begin enjoying this new space immediately.

The Loft Conversion Process

To get an idea of the process of constructing a loft conversion, we outlined a brief 20 step summary below:

1. Arrange scaffolding to be erected where it is required
2. For the initial three to four weeks, we will obtain access to the roof by creating an opening from the outside. This is to avoid dirt/dust and inconvenience.
3. A crane will deliver the structural steal beams to be fitted – this is to support the floor and the (dormer) roof extension.
4. Floor joists will be fitted and our team will arrange for the building inspector to inspect and approve the floor that we constructed.
5. The dormer is constructed after the building inspector has approved the floor. This includes internal partitions, insulations and noggins.
6. The building inspector will return for a second visit to inspect the work carried out and to give us the go ahead to continue.
7. For the next few weeks we will complete the dormer, laying down the roof tiles, fixing the gutters etc.
8. Partitions and insulation will be fitted in order to meet building control regulations.
9. We will then fit all of the windows.
10. A hole will be made in the floor where the new stair case will join.
11. Our electrician will position all the cables for power points and lighting before plaster boarding.
12. The new stair case will be fitted into place.
13. Our plasterers will spend approximately two to three days all of their work in the loft area, stair well and first floor.
14. Our Electrician will return to the property to fix all the lights and sockets.
15. Your choice of flooring will then be fitted in your new loft.
16. If applicable, our plumber will connect the shower room fittings and connect the radiators.
17. Hand rails and spindles will be fitted to the new stairs as well as the door frames, the hanging of the doors and the skirting.
18. The fireproofing and gutters are checked.
19. The building control officer will return for the final inspection to ensure that our work complies with building and fire regulations.
20. Your loft will now be ready for decoration.

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