Loft Conversion Essex. Loft Conversion HQ cover Essex and surrounding areas.

Essex: The home of true character. From Thaxted Guildhall and Southend Pier to the modern developments that are transforming the face of London’s most vibrant district, Essex has always been at the forefront of innovation and culture, and it has thousands of beautiful family homes to match.

Loft Conversion EssexLoft Conversion HQ is no stranger to this characterful Essex area, and we have built our reputation as one of the leading loft conversion Essex companies through a wide range of concepts and projects. Our unique, stylish and passionate approach to maximising the potential of your Essex home can be seen throughout our project portfolio.

Given our substantial knowledge and presence in Essex, Loft Conversion HQ can proudly say that:

• The vast majority of Essex lofts can enjoy a loft conversion;
• The turnaround time for an average loft conversion Essex is less 6 weeks;
• Planning permission is only occasionally necessary;
• We are well practiced in gaining those all essential building regulations;
• Our scaffold-to-roof approach results in minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities;
• We conduct our services in all areas of Essex.

Many years ago, the picturesque 1930’s houses that populate Essex were no-go zones for loft conversion specialists, meaning that many homeowners could not make the most of their attic space. Fortunately though, due to new rules and regulations, we can now make those dreams a reality, and we have experienced a significant rise in demand in the Essex area.

In recent years, the popularity of 1930’s Essex homes have driven an abundance of new and prospective homeowners to the area. As a result, it has become much harder for ambitious professionals and couples to gain their very own space, or even gain a foothold, in the property market. Thankfully, with greater public awareness of specialist loft conversion companies, Loft Conversion HQ has been able to create extra space in the family home, allowing successful individuals and partners to lay claim to their own open living space, without the hassle of relocating.

The 1930’s Essex home has hosted an abundance of loft conversions in the last few years due to the spacious lofts, which are part and parcel of the original designs in the area. Most of the early twentieth century structures undergo hip to gable conversions or dormer conversions, which allow a portion of your slanted roof to stand vertically, creating a greater sense of headspace for its inhabitants.

In an ideal world, the original loft space will be both wide and tall, with the measurement between the floor and the apex being larger than 2.3 metres. Anything less, although very manageable for Loft Conversion HQ, will require that little bit of extra planning, spending, and thinking outside-of-the-box or, in this case, the loft. In many cases, the first floor ceiling would be able to concede enough space to accommodate for your dream loft conversion.

Give us a call today, and tell us all about your ultimate loft conversion desires. Whether calling for a query, a chat, or to plan your own personal project, there is no-obligation and we will do our utmost to assist you with exactly what you are looking for.