The benefits of an extension to your property are massive, and can severely boost your living space. From a new kitchen area to a shared family space, house extensions are a perfect way to expand your home and its use. Moreover, your property value will increase significantly as a result of your extension.

On average, a house extension in the UK costs around £28,000. This is no chump change, so the decision to go ahead with an extension is not a light one. It is important to find a good construction team or builder that will have continuous dialogue throughout the build. Prices and quotes fluctuate dramatically, so finding a reliable company that you can trust is vital.

Our expert team of builders, designers and consultants are dedicated to providing you with a transparent and painless service.

Mapping Out Your Extension

House extensions are an intensive and large-scale project. The planning, organising and work required can really stack up, depending on your property. We guarantee that our services will offer up minimal intrusion into your life, top quality workmanship and a fair price for the project. Our goal is to help you create your dreams at home, from start to finish.

Planning To Design

One of the first steps to take once you have decided to go with an extension is to obtain planning permission from your council. This will legally permit all of the work to go ahead, and without this authorisation no work can commence. The main point of these permissions is to ensure the construction falls within the legal requirements, does not encroach on other’s land or living standards and keeps the peace in your surrounding area.

We will take on the job of drafting and applying for all planning permissions for you. That way, you do not have to bog yourself down with the mass of paperwork required.

Building Regulations

These regulations are to be adhered to by all of the tradesmen that are working on your extension, and ensures safety and solid work standards. These differ from planning permissions in that they are granted by the Building Control department of your local council, as well as the stringent requirements that must be followed.

In order to provide the best possible standard of work, all of our tradesmen adhere to the latest building regulations at all times.

Party Wall Agreements

In scenarios where there are adjoining properties, some neighbours will ask for a party wall agreement. This is an agreement between the property proprietor and the property that is undertaking construction. These agreements are in place to ensure that any damages occurred during construction are the responsibility of the party undertaking construction.

The Price Of A House Extension

The average price for house extensions in the UK starts at around £25,000. The prices that we offer includes all costs, with bespoke work carried out within your budget. That way, you can have the extension of your dreams without worrying about overspending.

We strive for premium quality at a reasonable price, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that we will always do our best with the funds available.

Our experienced project managers make sure that the entire project runs smoothly and within budget, with realistic time frames to offer full transparency of what is happening. Give us a call or send us an email today to find out how you can make the most out of your property.


A house extension is a great option if you are looking to extend out from the ground floor, rather than build upwards. An extension is by far the most bespoke option of all the conversions, as you have the ability to make it as big or small as you want.

The major drawbacks are somewhat obvious with an extension, though. There is a lot more planning and costs involved as it is a much larger project. This, in turn, will mean that there will be planning permission required. An extension is a great choice if you have a specific idea in mind and the funds to back up the project. However, if you are just looking for a little more room, a loft conversion would be cheaper and less overall effort.

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