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Loft conversions; we’ve all spoken about them, but it takes real initiative and substance to make your dreams come true.
Loft Conversion HQ

Whether it is that spare bedroom you have been dreaming of; an entertainment room with a view; or even just a means to add an extra figure to the value of your home, Loft Conversion HQ takes your ideas all the way from the mind to the material. Our portfolio boasts a range of developments, from L shape dormers to mansard conversions, so whether you live in a cosy, open-plan cottage, or a four-story mansion, Loft Conversion HQ can meet your every requirement.

It is well known in the industry that bespoke loft conversions add an average of 10% to the value of any given property, with some designs fetching over 15% of added value. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that loft conversions have been in popular demand for innovative homeowners nationwide.

With an active, high quality, and bespoke approach to loft conversions, Loft Conversion HQ has satisfied customers across London, Hertfordshire and Essex with both straight-forward and outside-of-the-box projects. It is our mission at Loft Conversion HQ to transform the homes, and therefore the lives, of homeowners by delivering the most attractive conversions that the country has to offer. Each and every project we take on, we meet with a standard of care and confidence that boasts a top quality service.

Our team at Loft Conversion HQ have a tried and tested, step-by-step process to take your plans from paper to property.

Concept and Conversion

Ensuring our clients enjoy a zero-hassle experience is paramount to us at Loft Conversion HQ. From the first port of call, to the grand unveiling of your new and improved loft and attic space, our construction team take the pressure from your shoulders, and use their decades of experience to produce the design of your dreams.

Following our first meeting, where one of our consultants will ensure that we understand the specifications of your property, as well as your fundamental needs and wishes, Loft Conversion HQ will construct a thorough plan, which caters to all of your personal and financial circumstances. Once these essential, primary steps are taken with due care and consideration, our team of professionals will masterfully carry your project from concept to completion.

100% Satisfaction, Zero hassle

By maximising planning, efficiency and best practice, Loft Conversion HQ minimises the volume, disruption and stress of giving your loft its long awaited makeover. Through using the knowledge of our client’s day-to-day activities, as well as employing the very best equipment and construction supervisors, we strive to bring your visions to completion with maximum convenience for our clients. In the event that your project requires extra-special procedures, our team ensures that every safety precaution and protective method is put in place to guarantee that no damage to your property, furnishings, or everyday items should ever occur.

We pride ourselves on being expertly qualified, punctual, and finance-friendly when executing every detail of our bespoke projects. When dealing with the pride and joy of our clients, our reputation is key to reassuring homeowners that their property and desires are in the right hands.

Make your “lofty” dreams a reality. Call us today and enjoy a no-obligation quote that might just put your life-long plans into action.

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